Monika Jensen Productions - ART DONATIONS
Art Donations 

Monika Jensen supports her community by providing
donations to the following:
Calgary Creative
Monika along with other partners have created a non profit charity to
 support the talented artists in Calgary and also in the culinary arts.
Masterpiece Contemporary 
This foundations by The Art Gallery of Calgary, provides art
education programs for children and youth, allowing them
to use visual arts as another tool for learning
The Icla Da Silva Foundation – New York
This foundations provides funds for children who are in
need of bone marrow, as well as providing medical and
consoling for the families in need
The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation
This foundations provides scholarships and training for
 persons of Solu –Khumbu region of Nepal. As well as the
development of health services and facilities
Mount Royal Conservatory’s Feast of Sound and Song
This event supports the arts and musicians at the
conservatory at Mount Royal University
The Safe Haven Foundation
This foundations provides help for the vulnerable children
and youth, allowing them to have a secure, safe future
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